Hotfix v0.8b

  • Fixed credit exploit
  • Fixed loading issues
  • Fixed stuck camera issues
  • Fixed glitched rocket and grenade ammo

Changelog v0.8

  • Added Ak 74
  • Added L85A1
  • Added HK416
  • Added Makarov
  • Added Ak 104
  • Added Ak 103
  • Added G36C
  • Added G36K
  • Added MG36
  • Added Nail Bat
  • Added Crossbow
  • Added Bolt Ammo
  • Added a lot of new and old guns to credit shop
  • Added Rocket Ammo and 40mm Grenade Ammo

Changelog v0.7

  • Fixed random data loss
  • Added discord webhooks

ChangeLog v0.4

  • Fixed minimum price appearing twice when selling an item
  • Fixed minimum ammo price not factoring in the amount being sold
  • Fixed hunger and health not saving
  • Fixed data corruption issue for early testers
  • Attempted to fix random data loss issue (hope it works plz)
  • Added Tar-21 bullpup assault rifle
  • Added zombie aggression delay (allows areas to be cleared for looting temporarily)

ChangeLog v0.3

  • FilteringEnabled
  • fixed weapons breaking on respawn
  • fixed zombies spawning outside map
  • fixed most shutdown/lag issues
  • added enterable buildings (supermarkets, warehouses and fire stations for now)
  • added new melee weapon models by BrickColorCyan
  • added katana and claymore to credit shop
  • added wakizashi, exclusive sword buyable for 800 credits
  • added minimum price for market items 
  • added item filter to market 
  • added mobile compatability
  • added new premium benefits 
  • added ammo counter
  • buffed desert eagle
  • buffed premium credit chances
  • nerfed mossberg 500
  • nerfed loot respawn rate
  • nerfed exp gains

Changelog v0.2

  • Removed G17 from loot spots
  • Added tier2 safezone
  • Improved map
  • Fixed image of P90
  • Rebalanced some guns
  • Added melee weapons
  • Reduced attack range of some zombies
  • Reimplemented Strength stat (effects melee damage)
  • Map randomizer now 'tips over' some spawned vehicles
  • Added more props to map randomizer (Trucks, Firetrucks, Humvees and more)
  • Improved Tier5 boss loot
  • Added M9 and Five-Seven to Tier1 loot

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