M249 SAW M249
Damage 35
Ammo Type 7.5mm Ammo
Ammo Capacity 100
Rounds Per Minute 770
Spread  ?
Critical Chance 21
Crititcal Multi 2x
Tier 4+

The M249 is a machine gun that can be found within the Tier4 and Tier5 zones.

Overview Edit

The M249 is a tier-4+ machine gun that takes up 7.5mm ammo. It is one of the more popular machine guns due to its stats and effectiveness in-game. Players should have a large amount of 7.5mm ammo if they get the M249.

With a fairly high fire rate and good damage, the M249 is commonly recommended by other players to use even within the T5 zone. The only apparent drawback is its spread, so it is best used when fired in bursts.

The M249 can be unlocked on the Credits shop for


  • High damage
  • Large ammo capacity
  • Fairly fast rate of fire
  • Good critical multiplier value
  • High critical chance value
  • Good value on the Market ($8700 minimum price)


  • High spread
  • Long reload