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The game is finally being continuing development under the GoodByte studio.

Welcome to Quarantine WikiEdit

Welcome to The Quarantine Wiki. Here you can see info about all kinds of guns, zombies, locations and items included throughout the game.

About the gameEdit

Quarantine is an open-world PvE zombie-survival RPG, much like Dead Frontier, but lower quality and a ripoff. It is set in the wake of a deadly outbreak within a large urban city. Progress your character as you scavenge the city while battling against hordes upon hordes of undead zombies that came straight out of the original game. Fight with your fellow survivors as to who is the best and higher level because players under your level are noobs. Shoot a small pistol and attract millions of zombies with the little noise it makes! Grind your way to bragging about your gear!


Latest activityEdit

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