Every time a player levels up within the game, they receive 5 stat points which could be distributed to any of their six currently implemented stats; Agility, Critical Hit, Endurance, Strength, Accuracy and Reloading.

The maximum achievable level is 120.

Strength Edit

Strength effects the damage you deal using melee weapons, It is only important if the player focuses on a melee based character build, in which case, it is of high priority to max this stat.

The damage multiplier from strength is calculated using the formula Strength/100

The total damage formula for melee weapons is WeaponDamage*(1+Strength/100)

This means that strength maxxed out will give any weapon a 2x base damage, strength raised to 50 would meant 1.5x base damage, and so on in that proportion.

This is effecting the BASE damage, which means that critical hits further multiply this by the critical multiplier.

Agility Edit

Agility effects two things; the player's movement speed (walkspeed) as well as the rate at which they consume energy.

Critical Hit Edit

Critical Hit effects the chances of landing a critical hit which multiplies the weapon's damage by its crit multiplier, everry point spent into critical hit adds onto the weapon's critical chance.

The formula for Critical Hit is straightforward; Total Critical Chance = Gun_Crit_Chance+Crit_Stat

Example: A gun with 25 Crticial Hit will have a 25% critical chance when no points are put into Critical Hit, the gun will have 30% chance when 5 points are spent, 50% when 25 is spent, and so on.

The critical chance is capped at exactly 99% for all weapons.

it is recommended that in most character builds you factor in the total critical chance you may get with your endgame weapons and do not overspend points into this stat, e.g, if you are going for a shotgun based build there is no reason to increase your critical hit further than exactly 74 points, as the AA-12 has a 25% critical chance and 25+74 = 99% (maximum critical chance)

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